Uses of Graphics

Graphics are used to direct the viewers and readers into particular information. It is also used as a supplement so that the readers will be able to understand the concept and make it more interesting and clear. It can be used in different aspects and it includes the following:

  • Graphics are used in economic and business particularly in creating financial tables and charts. The use of graphics in business started in the year 1970 when they have found out that computers are capable of producing charts and graphs.
  • It is also profitably used in advertising. Some of the artists who are using this for advertising always consider the advertising potentials especially when they are creating art. This is done in order to increase the number of the artwork purchasers.
  • Graphics are as used for political purposes such as in poster art, cartoons, flag design, graffiti and others.
  • In education, graphics are also popularly used especially on textbooks. These are mainly used on textbooks with concerning subjects like mathematics, science and geography in order to illustrate concepts and theories like human anatomy. For the labelling of pictures and photographs, diagrams are preferred to use.
  • Graphics are also efficiently used for film and animation. The computer graphics are used in some of the feature films. Some of the films that make use of graphics include War of the Worlds, Spider-Man, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

Graphics can truly be used in different aspects, in business, education, entertainment purposes, represent or illustrate idea and others. Graphic designers and artists can take advantage of using graphic designs in order to create unique and exclusive artworks.

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The records coming from Egypt have predated this and the Egyptians have used papyrus for them to plan the construction of the pyramids. They have also used slabs of woods and limestone for their plan. Greeks have played a major role especially in the field of geometry from 600 to 250 BC. They make use of graphics for them to represent mathematical theories like Pythagorean Theorem and Circle Theorem. In the art context, graphics are used in order to distinguish work from a monotone and those made from lines, in contrast with painting. The following are examples that involve graphics in the production:

  • Printmaking – The woodblock printing that includes images has first appeared in China prior to the invention of paper during 105 A.D. In West countries, they make use of certain techniques for the printmaking, which includes engraving, woodcut, etching and others.
  • Drawing – Drawing involves the creation of marks on some surface through the process of applying pressure in a tool and moving the tool used across the surface. The graphical drawing is known as instrumental guided drawing.
  • Line Art – This can be a non-specific terms which are sometimes used in images that is consist of different curve and straight lines, placed as a background without the gradation in hue or shade to symbolize 2D or 3D objects and entities. Line arts are commonly monochromatic although there are instances that lines are composed of different colors.
  • Illustration – This is known as visual representation that includes photograph, painting, drawing and other artworks, which stresses subject rather than a form. The purpose of this illustration is to decorate or elucidate poem, story or even textual information like newspaper article. This is done through the process of providing visual representation described in the text. The editorial cartoon or political cartoons that contains social or political message are good examples.
  • Etching – This is the intaglio method in printmaking wherein the images are incised in the surface of metal plate through the use of acid.
  • Maps – These are simplified representation of space or a navigational aid that highlights the relation of space and the object. Maps are usually in 2D, geometrically precise representation of 3D space.
  • Symbols – In basic sense, these are the depiction of quantity or concept such as object, quality, concept and idea while when described in philosophical and psychological term, the concepts symbolizes nature and the representations used are all taken from token artifacts, which are allegorical to its symbolic meaning.
  • Web Graphics – The modern web graphics are done through the use of software like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro.
  • Engineering Drawing – This is a type of drawing which is used to clearly define the requirements for the engineered items. These drawings are produced in accordance with the homogeneous conventions for interpretation, nomenclature, layout, size, appearance and others.

History of Graphics

Markings and cave paintings are the earliest graphics which became popular especially to the anthropologists who are studying the prehistoric periods. These creations are all created during the period of Upper Palaeolithic from 40,000 to 10,000 BC. Most of these creations are able to record chronological, seasonal and astronomical details. 600 years ago, the earliest drawings and graphics which are known in the modern world are the ceramic cylinder seals, engraved or etched stone tablets. This marks the beginning of historic periods as well as the time to keep such records for the purpose of inventory and accounting matters.


Graphics are designs and visual images mounted on the surface like on the wall, screen, canvas, stone and paper for the purpose of entertaining, illustrating or informing. If used in contemporary purposes, it goes along with neeke or pictorial representation of some data like in typesetting and graphic arts, computer-aided design and manufacture as well as in Neeke recreational software and educational. The images which are produced with the use of computer are known as computer graphics. Other examples include drawings, graphs, photographs, Line art, drawings, numbers, typography, diagrams, geometric designs, symbols, engineering drawings, maps and other images and photos.

Graphics are often the combination of color, illustration and text. The graphic designs are sometimes consist of creation, careful selection as well as proper organization of typography just like what you often see on flyers, brochures, websites, posters and books that does not have any underlying element. The main objective for creating such thing includes effective and clarity of communication associated with the sought cultural elements and it can also be the creation based on a unique style. Graphics are sometimes artistic and sometimes functional.